Overhead Protection

May be required when work is being done above the mastclimber. Can also be used for winterization by covering with tarps.



Allows work around corners or balconies. No materials are to be stored on the returns.

return 1


Each machine has a hydraulic lifting arm to raise and lower the mast sections when you build the platform. The can attach a simple wheel or powered winch to the hoist arm the bring material to the platform.



All machines come with two settings for the outriggers to be fitted, upper of lower.


Pie-shaped Platform

For special installations for rounded elevations, such as smokestacks and concrete repairs and glazing applications.


Pie shape 1

Double Stack

The ability to install two mastclimbers on one mast. This type of setup allows two trades to work on one elevation together, which increases productivity.

double stack

Sidewalk Bridge Base

This specially designed base allows the mastclimber to be installed above the sidewalk allowing pedestrians to walk underneath the mastclimber. Combined with our Heavy-duty Sidewalk Canopy system, all work can be safety completed without the public realizing work is be completed above their heads.

bridge 1bridge 2

Heavy-duty Sidewalk Canopy

Allows the contractor to store material and tools above the sidewalk to allow all work to go without interruption from worrying about public safety.

canopy 2canopy 1

Cantilever Bracket

Specially designed bracket that attaches to the building façade. This allows mastclimbers to be installed above structures that are unable to have mastclimbers placed on them.

cantilever 2